Cardboard Suitcase Productions

Cardboard Suitcase Productions is a Sydney-Melbourne theater production company currently producing Violent Delights at the inaugural Sydney Fringe Festival this September. I am developing the identity for the brand and play. :-)

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The Cardboard Suitcase Productions stamps and business cards on parcel tags.

Short & Sweet

A personal illustration from one of my favourite films of 2008: Juno. This is from my favourite scene at the end when Cera & Page have overcome their obstacles and sing a Moldy Peaches number.

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Illustration of Juno by Jo Shin

Endangered series

My friend Emily and I recently collaborated on an artwork together for Extra Cheeese Stage 3. Here are the photos of the ‘Endangered’ series.

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Detail of the Endangered series

People’s Pigeon Park

Looks like some people are actually finding and using one of my Vancouver photos for their own use.

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The Photo in question

The Inaugural Post of a new Shindig

Please excuse the mess (broken links, lack of browser support, poor design), while I fix bugs as I go along. This blog is now going to be used to focus on my web and creative work – a work in progress portfolio. Social networking seems to have taken care of the rest. So come back when there is something to see. Peace out.

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Back in 5 doof sign